Cool Kids is a 10 session program aimed at treating anxiety disorders in children and adolescents. It uses a cognitive behavioural approach which means that it focuses on teaching skills to manage anxiety. Core skills include how to identify anxious thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, discovering realistic thoughts and expectations and gradually building independence and confidence by facing fears. If needed, coping skills such as problem solving, assertiveness and relaxation are also introduced to manage difficult situations. In addition to teaching parents to support their child in the use of these new skills, a section of the program focuses specifically on parenting strategies that can encourage children to manage anxiety. During each session, families receive information on the topic being covered and are offered the chance to engage in discussion, games and role play to learn new skills and then to use new skills in real life situations. Practice tasks are a crucial part of the program and are given following every session. Practice tasks encourage use of new skills in everyday situations.

Topics covered in the program include:

  • Learning about feelings and anxiety
  • Learning to think more realistically
  • Parenting an anxious child
  • Fighting fear by facing fear (stepladders)
  • Learning other coping skills such as building confidence or learning to solve problems



Day: TBC

Time: TBC

Location: Unit 21, 363 Hillsborough Rd, Warners Bay

*We require at least 6 children participants to run a group.

Who is it for? 

Children aged 7-12 years and their parents (parent involvement is strongly encouraged).

Results of the program... 

The program has been running at Macquarie University since 1993 and has undergone continual scientific evaluation and development to include the latest understanding of anxiety and its treatment. Research results indicate that most young people who complete our programs show significant improvement. Following treatment, there are marked increases in school attendance, academic achievement, confidence, number of friends and involvement in extra-curricular activities and decreases in worry, shyness, fear and family distress.

What to expect... 

  • Have fun and make new friends in a supportive environment. 
  • Learn new skills and have practice tasks to take home each week. 
  • Learn how to manage your anxiety so that it no longer stops you from doing the things you like!
  • Learning about feelings and anxiety.

Cost and funding available...

The full group program of 10 sessions costs $650 or $65 per session.

Medicare Rebates

If you obtain a Mental Health Treatment Plan from your child’s GP, psychiatrist or paediatrician you may be able to claim a Medicare Rebate on up to 10 individual plus 10 group sessions.

The tables below sets out the costs for individual sessions and group programs and potential Medicare rebates.

Group Cool Kids Program

Treatment Costs

Total Cost

Medicare Rebate



Per Session


Per Session


Per Session

10 session Group Cool Kids program







Individual Cool Kids Therapy (not limited to age 7-12)

Treatment Costs

Cost Per Session

Medicare Rebate Per Session

Out-of-pocket Per Session

Individual Cool Kids Therapy




** Access to the Medicare rebate will be dependent on obtaining the Mental Health Treatment Plan and on how many services you have used previously on that plan/within the calendar year.

NDIS Funding

If your child has an NDIS plan, they may be able to use some of the NDIS plan funding to pay for the Cool Kids group program or individual therapy. The NDIS support categories that can be used for Cool Kids are:

  • Improved Daily Living
  • Improved Relationships

If you need support in finding out what your NDIS funding you can use, please speak to your Support Coordinator, Plan Manager or give us a call.

How do I express interest or find out more?

To find out more information or express interest by contacting us on 49549333 or [email protected]. We have a detailed Course Outline and Intake Form available for anyone interested, so get in touch.




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